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If you've ever been faced with backing up a group of files that exceed the size of your backup media, then PackRat© is the perfect tool for you.

How does it work ?

    PackRat© looks at all the files to be backed up and the capacity of the media (that you specify) that the backup will be written to, it then organizes the source files into individual packages that can each fit within the constraints of your backup media.

    Once the individual packages have been created, they are ready to be archived to your backup media.

With PackRat© you can :
  • Specify the size of your BackUp Media*.
  • Choose which Packages to buildØ - this is great for systems with limited free space.
  • Run PackRat© from the command lineØ - Allows PackRat to be embedded in you automated backup process, and/or to even run without a Window Manager.
* - Limitations in the Evaluation Version
Ø - Only Available in Full Version

PackRat© is written entirely in Java and is available for
any Operating System that supports the Java Runtime Environment.
This includes MS Windows, MAC O.S. Linux (2.0 and higher) and Solaris.