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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Requirements.
MoJoServo© requires Java 1.4 or later.
To get the latest version of Java for your system, check out the Java Distributions Page.

2. How Do I ...
The MoJoServo© help files can be located here, or by selecting "MoJoServo Help" from the MoJoServo© Application.

3. What is the difference between the Professional and Personal Versions?

Access Secure
Utilize Proxy
Personal 2
Professional Unlimited

4. Why are there 2 save directories with duplicate content?

This is commonly seen when a URL is referenced from different sub-domains and the providing webserver is configured to automatically map the content from one sub-domain to another.

For example, a webserver might be configured to resolve and to 2 different URLs (where football and baseball are both sub-domains of

It might also be possible that and both resolve to the same URL(where football and baseball are both sub-domains of

The above example is more commonly seen when used with a www sub-domain ( vs.  In this case it is rare that the 2 URLs do not reference the same page, but is it possible and this is why you sometimes find 2 save directories with duplicate content.

5. Limitations.

Accessing secure content:
The Professional version of MoJoServo© supports access secure content protected by Basic Authentication (click for example) - provided the correct username and password.

At this time, Form Based Authentication
is not supported (click for example).

The storage and retrieval of cookies are not supported at this time.  This may prevent access to some URLs.

Scripting Languages :
MoJoServo© does not support browsing or saving content (links/images/popups/etc.) embedded within scripting languages (JavaScript/VBScript/etc.).

Download the Personal Version to see if MoJoServo is right for you.